How to Buy

How to buy medicines?

Step 1 – Visit our site

Step 2 – Choose the medicine (after a visit, choose the medicine that your specialist advised you)

Step 3 – After selection, write us an email at or you can make a Call us/WhatsApp directly at +91 9999344593.

Step 4 – We will send you our price offer. Once you agree to buy at that price, then we will need your full invoice address.

Step 5 – After receiving the email/call address, we will make the invoice. In the invoice, the amount and product you selected were mentioned.

Step 6 – With the invoice, you can pay your bank to your bank without any problems.

Step 7– When we receive the payment, we’ll send the medication package along with your tracking number the same day.

Step 8 – We hope the parcel will take about 8-12 days to reach you & After receiving the package, please give us feedback if you were satisfied with our service.

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