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Buy Generic Harvoni in India is very problematic. The medicine is not sold in the pharmacy, in pharmaceutical institutions you can only stumble upon the expensive Harvoni drug, but it is also present in limited quantities. You can buy Generic Harvoni medicine directly from the Officially Website Medixo Centre or order the tablets in a company that cooperates with a pharmaceutical organization and delivers generics to India.

Generic Harvoni is a direct-acting antiviral drug designed to treat hepatitis C. The Indian company Gilead, quite famous in the global pharmaceutical market, is responsible for the manufacture of the medicine. You can talk about the advantages of the drug endlessly, but the main advantage is the price of Generic Harvoni, which allows you to buy generic Harvoni for absolutely anyone.

Before you buy Generic Harvoni, you must read the instructions for use.

Instructions for use:

Generic refers to potent drugs, so before starting treatment, the instructions for use of Generic Harvoni are mandatory for familiarization. The Indian company Natco to take care of its patients, the tool is as safe as possible, but to prevent any possible risks, additional information about the drug is contained in the instructions.

General Information

The antiviral drug is aimed at the destruction of hepatitis C harmful cells in the body of the virus carrier. The composition of the drug simultaneously includes two active substances: Sofosbuvir (400 mg) and LEDIPASVIR (90 mg). Such a combination can not only stop the development of an aggressive virus, but also completely eliminate it.

The medicine is a quality analogue of the American drug Harvoni. But, the price of Generic Harvoni is significantly lower than the original. Generic can be bought cheaply without much damage to the budget and start the treatment of a serious disease.

The drug shows high efficiency: 95% of patients successfully cope with the disease. The therapeutic course is from 3 months (without complications) to 180 days (in the presence of compensated liver diseases).

The mechanism of action and indications for use

Generic is indicated for use in the following patients:

Patients diagnosed with hepatitis C in complicated, chronic or acute form;

Persons with compensated and decompensated liver diseases (fibrosis, cirrhosis, steatosis);

assigned to people with the first stage of HIV infection.

The drug can be used only with the first hepatitis C genotype, with genotype 2 and 3, the effectiveness will be 10%, this is not enough to cope with the disease.

The mechanism of action is based on two RNA polymerase inhibitors: Sofosbuvir and Ledipasvir. The first substance destroys the structure of the virus, preventing it from developing further in the body. This leads to the death of pathogenic cells. Ledipasvir slows down the development of HCV, and also accumulates in the liver and stops organ destruction.

How to use?

The dosage regimen is as follows: daily, throughout the entire therapeutic course, the patient will have to drink one tablet of the medicine while eating. The medicine should be washed down with water, not chewed.

The interval between taking the pill is exactly one day. A deviation of 2-3 hours is uncritical, but you cannot greatly disrupt the schedule to affect the therapeutic course.

Who should not drink Pills

Tablets are prohibited for use by persons with a second and third genotype, pregnant women and minor children.

Treatment duration

The therapeutic course lasts 84 days with an uncomplicated form of hepatitis C and the absence of compensated liver diseases. If the destructive process severely damaged the choleretic organ, there is a large-scale viral load and the general condition of the patient, critical therapy is extended for another 3 months (with the permission of the doctor).

The effect of taking the drug

The first results of the application are noticeable already at 14-18 days of treatment. Pain in the right hypochondrium passes, alarming symptoms worry less and less. Closer to the middle of treatment, there is a significant improvement in the patient’s health status; the concentration of the virus in the blood is half of the initial amount.

After 12 weeks, the virus is completely suppressed in the body, there are no negative consequences. It is advisable to buy Generic Harvoni immediately after hepatitis C of the 1st genotype has been diagnosed, this will increase the chance to meet the deadline and avoid complications.

Contraindications and possible complications

Instructions Generic Harvoni contains such contraindications:

  • the drug is strictly prohibited for use by pregnant women;
  • Do not start treatment while breastfeeding;
  • the drug is contraindicated in children under the age of 18.

Generic Harvoni is completely safe to use. A small number of side effects (headaches, gastrointestinal disorders, weakness, malaise) are present, but only on a short-term basis. They pass on their own.

Price of generic Harvoni in India

How much does a generic Harvoni cost? Today’s cost is 14,500 INR per bottle. Compared with Harvoni, whose price exceeds 30,000 USD per Bottle, the drug is economical and completely inferior in quality to the original.

The price of Generic Harvoni is affordable; the Indian manufacturer has set such a price so that each patient can purchase the medicine, regardless of social status, work and earnings.


India produces great drugs to treat hepatitis. Generic Harvoni is a bright representative of innovative new generation antiviral agents. And, this medicine has a number of advantages, as evidenced by patient reviews:

The price of generic Harvoni medicine. Low cost allows you to purchase the drug for every patient who needs it.

Performance. In 95% of cases, hepatitis C 1 genotype will be cured.

Safety of use. Generic is certified, meets all quality standards and has been approved by the World Health Organization.

If you need a powerful tool for the treatment of HCV and, at the same time, for the treatment of HIV infection, you can opt for Generic Harvoni, which combines reliability and affordable cost.


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